MIFF2010: Catfish, Just See It!

Catfish is a brilliantly exciting and textually intriguing documentary. See it.
That's about all you need to know to be honest. A quick scan of some other critical writings on this film and it seems everyone is having the same trouble I am in writing about this film.
How do you recommend and convince someone to see a film without telling them anything about it. For it is very important to go into this film knowing as little as possible. The less you know about this the more you will enjoy it.
Many reviews have said a little bit more that I would want to give about the plot and don't even bother with going near the trailer for it destroys most of the film and sets up ridiculously false expectations.
All you need to know is this: Nev is a twenty-something New York based dance photographer. One day he gets contacted on Facebook by an 8 year-old girl called Abby. Abby wants to paint one of Nev's photographs and Nev is happy to accept. Abby begins sending Nev painting after painting of his photographs and she begins to reveal herself as quite the artistic prodigy. Nev begins to communicate with the rest of Abby's family through Facebook.
And that is all I want to say. Most reviewers point out one or two more movements of the film but I don’t even want to go that far for expectations of something will lead to disappointment. This truly has been one of the weirdest reviews I have ever written. So many words to say so little but hopefully I have conveyed some of the excitement I have about this film.
There is so much to talk about in this film but so little I can say right here so take note of the title. It’s called Catfish and I’m sure it will appear in some form somewhere real soon. Make a point of finding it and seeing it because it is not only an amazingly entertaining film but an important portrait of social networking and our wired world. Truly a film of the moment.