MIFF2010: Trash Humpers Made Me Hate People & The World

Take a deep breath in Rich... Just settle down a moment...
Fuck you Harmony Korine...
Sorry, that was unprofessional...
If one was to take Trash Humpers as some form of post-modern, Warholian deconstruction of artifice then that still would not make it worth watching. Trash Humpers almost exists not to ever actually be seen but more to set the boundary for what can be defined as a film.  It exists simply because Korine feels like it needs to exist. Sure it runs for 80 minutes and has a collection of what could be called scenes. But that is literally it.
My level of anger though is not solely connected to the film itself but rather a segment of the audience pissed me off too. If I saw this film alone I would not nearly be as angry as I am right now. Seeing the session fill up with the youngest crowd I have seen at the festival so far should've clued me in. It was full of late teens/early 20s, hipster, Fitzroy/Northcote, middle-upper class art kids (who ironically are probably too young to fully appreciate the retro VHS aesthetic of the film but maybe watching VHS' is cool again, I dont know). From the moment the film started a large portion of them were in hysterics! Oh look, there is a guy in an old person mask humping a trash bin. Now they are fellating a tree! How funny is this!! It's like got depth and shit cause its retro and it's playing at a film festival so we can laugh at crude humour.
Essentially Trash Humpers is Jackass for a pseudo-intellectual hipster crowd but between you and me there is nothing funny about anything in this film. If Korine intended his film to a comedy then he succeeded in fooling a few people (it is witless, low-brow, hill-billy humour at its worst), of course I don't think he intended this to be solely a comedy.
I would do some research if I could be bothered but I honestly do not want to spend any more time on this film. It is worthless, irredeemable faux-art. Coming at this stage in a film festival I have seen plenty of films over the last 2 weeks, including some that were pretty deconstructionalist so I can firmly say that Trash Humpers is not a film. It is not even a valid experience. It is nothing (and not in a 'wow how po-mo is that' way). If anyone other than Korine made this, it would be booted out of town.
I'm sorry but you can't be my friend if you like this film. We simply have fundamentally opposing perspectives on art and reality that will never be resolved. At the very least I must salvage something out of the time I spent watching this film (apart from it increasing my misanthropic tendencies at least four-fold by bearing witness to actual humans enjoying it). It is my new line in the sand. Have you seen Trash Humpers? Yes. Did you like it? Any answer other than “God, No!” will not be accepted and result in me moving 10 feet away from you.


It is difficult to judge this movie as I don't think it can be placed beside what one would consider commercial movies. Korine has his way of doing things, and this certainly illustrates his unique lo-fi vision. That's why we incorporated it into our upcoming X FEST Extreme / Underground / Cult Film Festival here in Cape Town, South Africa - and leave it up to the viewers to decide whether they love or loathe it.

It's definitely a good festival film. I wish your audiences the best of luck :)

Are you guys joking? I don't think that movie was made to be a comedy either, but it DID make me laugh at some points, doesn't that movie make you feel gratefull for being so sane? Didn't you enjoy telling yourself: OMG did i just withness THAT? . Harmony went totally out of the boundaries and i think even tho this is visually agressive, it IS a gem. A movie to watch at least twice to get to '' like '' it.

Watching people while riding the bus makes me grateful for being sane and I wouldn't want to do that for 90 minutes. This film just makes me sad (and not in the artistically touching way either). If I actually do need to see it twice to 'get it' then I am more than happy to never get it...

Walked out of the theater as well. Korine is a one-hit wonder.

A one-hit wonder? You're fried! Harmony Korine is a genius.

Believe that. This Korine character should go see Julia Roberts' shit, now that's proper moviemaking. It's like he's never even seen a proper movie before with what he's doing. It's disgraceful. Makes me just so mad!!

Hatin' Trash Humpers and loving Tideland. Hi friend!

Totally agree. We walked out after the pancake scene.
What S***!!!