Monomania: A Celebration Of Bruce

[mon-uh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh]
1. (no longer in technical use) a psychosis characterised by thoughts confined to one idea or group of ideas.
2. an inordinate or obsessive zeal for or interest in a single thing, idea, subject, or the like.
Each week I will share with you my latest obsession. This will usually centre on little pockets of the interweb you may not come across. I'll take you down some dark alleyways, the kind you usually just briskly walk past for fear of getting mugged. Don't worry, I've got your back. Follow me...
It's time to get back to talking about the important stuff on this website. For too many weeks now I've been faffing around with International Film Festivals and what some people tend to refer to as "cinema". I apologise greatly for my misdirection over that time and hope to put things right by holding a small celebration. In honour of Bruce Willis, I have found some videos for you. I'm not sure if you will last through all of them.
First is a brilliant piece from Wreck&Salvage. It goes on a little too long but captures the spirit of the great man. It also captures the fact that he does pretty much the same thing in every single film he appears in. Which is why we love Bruce.
Are you still with me?
I hope so. It actually does get better.
But first a quick interlude....
Great! Now let's look at a brilliant animation from a man called Tom Judd. This is really the highlight of this whole monomania so if you are power-skimming this article like I know you are, this is the one to watch!
Ahhhh, you are filling up with the spirit, aren't you? Can you feel his presence? This article had to be done because the abysmal taste of his most recent film, Cop Out, must be washed away. I'm currently having debates in my mind as to what is the worst Hollywood film of the year so far. The debate is between Sex And The City 2 & Cop Out. Cop Out has no camel-toe jokes so it may not be that bad.
But I digress,
Finally we have this great reworking of Die Hard as if it was made in the 1920s. It's overlong so I don't expect you to watch it all (although I did) but give it a bit of time. It will bring some Bruce giggles.
I now call a close to this celebration.
In the name of the Bruce, the Bruce and the Holy Bruce,