Top Ten Films of 2012

Here we are again. At the end of another year. A year that inevitably will be described as the best/worst/middling year ever by the hyperbolic internet machine. All I can say is that for me 2012 was a sensational year of film watching. It was the most interesting and successful year of film since maybe <insert random year here>.

Sydney Film Festival 2012: Day 1

Did you know that you can get a plane ticket Sms’d to you nowadays? You did… Oh… Well it impressed me so go to hell!

Sydney Film Festival 2012: At A Glance

So it's film festival time again folks and despite requests from my bank managerto the contrary, I am going up to Sydney again to see what is happening in the world of film. Those that have followed my coverage in the past will notice I'm doing things a little differently this year.
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