Review - The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Arduous Journey

I've seen a fair few bad films over the past 12 months and I can unreservedly say that Peter Jackson's first Hobbit film, The Hobbit: Part One: Chapter One: Prologue: An Unexpected Journey, ranks among my most unpleasant cinema experiences of the year.

Alice In Wonderland: Why?

I wanted to wait a little while before seeing Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to like it. I wanted to ignore all the bad press I had heard surrounding it. I wanted Tim Burton to make a great film again...
We can't always get what we want (insert your own Rolling Stones gag here).

Why 'Hudson Hawk' is one of the most under-appreciated films of the 90s

Why not begin this blog with an analysis of ‘Hudson Hawk’. I’ve always had an enormous soft spot for this film and every time I rewatch it I find I still enjoy it immensly. How can I rationalise my love for this universally panned film with my supposed knowledge of great cinema? Well, let’s try.

The Boat That Rocked

It's always fascinating watching an artist who has shown great worth in the past enter a downhill trajectory. We've seen it happen with George Lucas. It happened with the Coen Brothers only to have them come out the other side with career best work.
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