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MIFF 2011: A Hip Hop, Car Racing, Swedish Lesbianism Kinda Day

There was a great deal of hype (some may say hyperbole) surrounding SENNA as its MIFF screenings arrived. I missed it in Sydney (from which some friends returned after the screening with ridiculously high praise) and have simply been hearing such strong general word that I was personally wary. I remember reading a tweeter describing it as one of the best films ever made!

MIFF 2011: Hostages, Curling, Yakuza & A Psycho Juno

Inevitably most of my 5 film days end up as 4 film days. A break beckons at some point, food is necessary as well as basic physical needs such as moving your body. Today was no exception. 5 became 4 and I experienced my first 11.30pm session. What did I learn? I learnt it is time to start bringing my hip flask to sessions. Halfway through the festival and strong liquor is the only solution.

MIFF2011: Submarine aka The Hipstamatic Film

Watching SUBMARINE I was distinctly reminded of a Finnish filmmaker by the name of Kes Sanderson. Sanderson is best known for MUSHMORE & TOTTLE POCKET and it is very clear that SUBMARINE's director Richard Ayode was directly influenced by Sanderson.

MIFF 2011: Tiny Furniture

TINY FURNITURE is undoubtedly an impressive debut effort from 24 year old writer/director/actor Lena Dunham. Dunham plays Aura, a recently graduated film major who returns home to her family loft in Tribeca to work out what to do next with her life.

MIFF 2011: Why I Didn't Think Much Of The Innkeepers

What kind of cinephile am I? One that skips watching films to end up sitting around drinking and talking about them. That's pretty much how today began. Of course I feel like my decision was entirely vindicated as we began to see more and more familiar faces appear in the festival lounge who apparently had walked out of the film we had chosen to miss.

MIFF 2011: A Good Film & A Very Bad Film

I really need to pay attention more. After missing the first 30 minutes of a session on my first day due to mistaking the start time, today I walked into the wrong theatre only to realise my mistake as it was starting. I watched it anyway (and rather enjoyed it) but I was pretty confused as to why I wasn't stopped at the door as my ticket was scanned?

MIFF 2011: El Bulli & You Are Here

11am session on a Sunday morning, EL BULLI. It was always gonna be challenging. Upon running to make the session I realised I could not see this film on an empty stomach. So I ended up eating something that was about as dramatic a contrast as possible from the food shown in the film, a Frankfurt wrapped in a donut. It was disgusting. I love MIFF.

MIFF 2011: LSD Pranksters, Androgynous Children & Me

Whether or not I have had enough sleep at this stage is not really the issue. More pressing is the coherence of what you are about to read. Wish me luck, or should I really be wishing you luck. After all, you are choosing to read this and I greatly appreciate that. You could be doing so much more with your time right now but you are here, reading this.

MIFF 2011: Celebrity Stalking, African Refugees & General Nihilism

MIFF2011 is off and running with a deceptively sunny day. My first day began with getting the time of my opening film wrong and running in 30 minutes late (luckily I had seen it).

SFF 2011: Martha Marcy May Marlene

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE is a profoundly devastating and overwhelmingly intense film from first-time filmmaker Sean Durkin. I'll give you fair warning as you are about to read a fairly glowing review. MMMM had an incredible impact on me.
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