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SFF 2011: Corman's World - Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

CORMAN'S WORLD is exactly the type of film you would expect it to be. A chronological run through of Corman's greatest hits with plenty of amusing anecdotes from famous faces and the requisite amount of funny clips from his assorted movies.

MIFF 2011: The Launch Report

The countdown has begun. While the MIFF Members launch at the 'lovely' Greater Union cinemas on Tuesday night was a rather perfunctory affair, it still served its function. We got the program. Sure a drink would've been nice, and a social space to enable some excited chats was conspicuously absent, but we still got what we came for.


Miike Takashi is often misunderstood by many western film writers. Despite his prolific nature (regularly making between 3 and 6 films a year), very few of his films travel outside of Japan and the ones that do inevitably paint him a very specific way.

SFF 2011: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Morgan Spurlock's latest documentary is quite possibly the most self-reflexive piece of film I have ever seen. Its full title, POM WONDERFUL PRESENTS, THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD, is about the making of itself. Spurlock's initial idea is admittedly inspired. He sets out to make a documentary about product placement, that is itself wholly funded by product placement.

SFF 2011: The Big Overview

What a great festival! Out of a meagre 26 films seen, I can say that only about 3 were out and out bad while at least 13 were pretty close to great with the remainder being merely very good. That is one of the best hit to shit ratios of any film festival I have attended in recent memory.

SFF 2011: Tabloid & Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Most modern documentary filmmakers working today could learn a lot from Errol Morris. The way he embraces subjective truth is infinitely fascinating and TABLOID, while a minor entry overall in his canon, is possibly his most concerted examination of this idea.

SFF 2011: Tree Of Life

I've been putting off writing about TREE OF LIFE for 24 hours now. I simply don't know how to approach it and I'm not even sure how I feel about it. Unlike others who really emotionally connected with it, I felt it kept me personally at quite a distance. Its ethereal approach did strike some chord within me but it was so intangible that I can't even begin to describe it.

Sff 2011: Cool It & Corridor

The midpoint of a film festival is always a tricky moment. An odd type of film-lag sets in regardless of how well slept you are. Films begin to blur, sometimes even while you are watching them. I've forgotten what fruit looks like and the thought of more fast food makes me feel rather ill.

SFF 2011: Project Nim & Hobo With A Shotgun

As the days begin to blur, my fourth day of the festival brought yet more delights in what is turning out to be one of the most consistently good run of films I have experienced in quite a while. My mediocre festival diet is starting to blur my perception of reality.

SFF2011: The Future, Target, End Of Animal, Stake Land

As the rain continues to pour down, the festival is still haunted by iffy projection difficulties. A screening of the documentary El Bulli was struck with a missing audio track resulting in apparent mass walkouts (a refund was strangely only offered to those who didn't stay for the duration).
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