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SFF 2011: Kill List

Ben Wheatley's second film after the solid Down Terrace last year is an amazing step up in every respect. Kill List is a painfully tense and stunningly well structured genre piece that signals Wheatley as a filmmaker to watch over the coming years.

SFF 2011: Septien & Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Seems like there are some slight issues with sessions starting on time so far this year which is strange as the program looked well timed from a distance with good breaks between films. Oh well, that's the way it goes. P.S: Tried supposedly one of the best cafes in Sydney's CBD (Workshop) and received an literally undrinkable coffee. Bitter, burnt and generally sickening, I was not pleased. Would've returned it in a flash if I wasn't running to a session. Did I mention I was from Melbourne?

SFF 2011 Day 1: Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Hello Sydney. My you are a bit chilly aren't you.

SFF 2011: A Brief Sample Of Delights

A year after launching this website with a trip up to the Sydney Film Festival I am back with a vengeance and tripping up to NSW for a second time. Coming off a totally enjoyable week in 2010 I will be doing much the same this year (hopefully with a few extra days this time). Running the streets of Sydney from film to film, yelling at people and generally making a nuisance of myself.

Macabre: A Decent Bit of Bloody Fun

Macabre is a film that knows exactly what it is doing. It is a film that unpretentiously offers up a stock standard genre set-up in order to give the audience what they want. And what they want is buckets of blood which Macabre delivers in spades.

Hello Darkness Film Festival, Melbourne, November 4 - 11: Preview

Hello Darkness is a young Melbourne based film festival that is concentrating its focus on the horror and thriller side of cinema. It's certainly a great idea as genre festivals are distinctly lacking here in Australia.

MIFF2010: The Epic Overview

It's always strange looking back upon the 18 days of MIFF. There is a hyper-real quality to my memories (most likely related to sleep deprivation and the Atkins sanctioned MIFF diet) that almost feels like it is set in an alternate dimension.

MIFF2010: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

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