Film Festival

MIFF Day 15: A Somewhat Gentle Man


MIFF2010: Catfish, Just See It!

Catfish is a brilliantly exciting and textually intriguing documentary. See it.

MIFF2010 Day 14: Annoying Surrealism, Suburban Paranoia and Mumblecore

After a rough day yesterday of confrontation with audience members and a set of bad films peaking with Trash Humpers I was beginning to wonder if the festival had nothing left to offer me.

MIFF2010: Trash Humpers Made Me Hate People & The World

Take a deep breath in Rich... Just settle down a moment...
Fuck you Harmony Korine...
Sorry, that was unprofessional...

MIFF2010 Day 13: Amputee Soldiers, Sheep and Double Agents

What a full on film festival day!

MIFF2010 Day 12: A Neo-Noir Kidnapping & A Photographer in New York

I really hit a wall today and was extraordinarily tired throughout the two films I saw (on top of a whole day of work and a whole morning of writing).

MIFF2010 Day 11: German Robbers, Zany Hitmen, Corrupt Politicians and Killer Tyres

The final countdown runs through my head as we enter the final week of MIFF (yes, the song, I’m sorry, it’s out of my control).
One starts to load up their schedule to cram as much in as possible (that goat herding film looks interesting).

MIFF2010 Day 9: The Collapse of Civilisation


MIFF2010 Day 8: Enter The Void Reprograms my Brain

I'll be honest with you guys. I'm a huge fan of Gaspar Noe. I think he is one of the most forward thinking film directors working today and Irreversible is an absolute masterpiece. To say I was merely looking forward to Enter The Void is an understatement. It has been the film I was most anticipating for the last twelve months. So what did I think?
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