Film Festival

SFF 2010, Day 1: Estonia brilliantly confuses while Korea plods.

This is my first time in Sydney in over 10 years. I'm completely biased to Melbourne, born and bred. I did find a good coffee upon arrival so you are doing OK so far Sydney. I've got my eye on you though. Our group briskly checked into the hotel where I discovered our booking was under the name Thompson. Is this an omen signalling the shape of things to come or just some pointless, completely explainable distraction? We'll find out soon enough. Two films tonight were on the cards. Let get into it shall we...

Sydney Film Festival 2010: Preview

In a rather auspicious and exciting decision, “Rich On Film” has decided to head up to the Sydney Film Festival this year. I am very excited to check this out as being a born and bred Melbournian I have a strong fondness for MIFF down here.
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