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Crazy, Stupid, Love or: The Tale of Abs, Crying and Misplaced Commas

There is a point late in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (that final comma in the title is not my mistake but rather how the makers intended it to be written. I don't want to get into a huge grammar rant here but, by God it 's infuriatingly stupid) where Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off.

Red State: A Compulsively Engaging Mess

Kevin Smith's infamous 'horror' project, RED STATE finally hits our screens next month (Australian cinemas Oct 15) with a bucket-load of baggage. Smith has been talking about this project for almost 5 years now, generating a significant amount of intrigue around his first 'horror' film.

MIFF 2011: My Infamous Wrap-Up

As another amazing MIFF slips into the brain banks we inevitably look back, make lists of favourites, sum up the experience with glib statements and begin the process of reframing our memories into a lovely nostalgic haze eliminating the hard edges of sleep deprivation, malnutrition and nodding off during films that a long festival will always deliver.

MIFF 2011: Melancholia

Music is blaring, drinks are fizzing and the indifferent hum of conversation surrounds me. It's been less than 30 minutes since I saw Lars Von Trier's latest depression opus, MELANCHOLIA and I'm still unsure of my response. Earlier this festival I labelled Sion Sono's COLD FISH the most misanthropic film I had ever seen.

MIFF 2011: The Stabby Korean Double

Korean double feature!! Stab Stab Stab Hack Hack Politics Betrayal Men Screaming Stab Stab . I love Korean cinema. It also should be noted that caffeinated beverages are simply not cutting it at anymore so I loaded up hard on sugar before throwing myself into this powerhouse duo of films.

MIFF 2011: Angry Cops & Angry Journalists

PAGE ONE, offering up a behind the scenes insight into the editorial offices of The New York Times, brings fascination and frustration in equal measure. The documentary primarily follows a journalist named David Carr, who initially represents the old vanguard of reporting.

MIFF 2011: A Hip Hop, Car Racing, Swedish Lesbianism Kinda Day

There was a great deal of hype (some may say hyperbole) surrounding SENNA as its MIFF screenings arrived. I missed it in Sydney (from which some friends returned after the screening with ridiculously high praise) and have simply been hearing such strong general word that I was personally wary. I remember reading a tweeter describing it as one of the best films ever made!

MIFF 2011: Hostages, Curling, Yakuza & A Psycho Juno

Inevitably most of my 5 film days end up as 4 film days. A break beckons at some point, food is necessary as well as basic physical needs such as moving your body. Today was no exception. 5 became 4 and I experienced my first 11.30pm session. What did I learn? I learnt it is time to start bringing my hip flask to sessions. Halfway through the festival and strong liquor is the only solution.

MIFF2011: Submarine aka The Hipstamatic Film

Watching SUBMARINE I was distinctly reminded of a Finnish filmmaker by the name of Kes Sanderson. Sanderson is best known for MUSHMORE & TOTTLE POCKET and it is very clear that SUBMARINE's director Richard Ayode was directly influenced by Sanderson.
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