Film Review

Paul: An Entertaining But Disappointing Distraction

Paul isn't exactly a major disappointment but rather it is simply a slight, unmemorable distraction. This breezy sci-fi-action-comedy is fast-paced entertainment but forgive me for expecting slightly more from Simon Pegg.

The Adjustment Bureau: A Breezy Sci-Fi-Rom-Com

The Adjustment Bureau is an odd little film. A strangely light mixture of brainy sci-fi, romantic comedy, conspiracy thriller and political drama. It shouldn't really work but it does. At least it works while you're watching it.

Unknown: Absurd Yet Engaging and Fun

Liam Neeson's latest foray into action man territory with Unknown is an engaging piece of pulp that offers unexpected delights for those willing to suspend disbelief.

Let Me In: An Examination of Mirroring in Remakes

In the midst of a big overseas trip a couple of years ago I began hearing about a Swedish film called Let The Right One In. It was months later before I returned home so I missed the opportunity to see it. For some unknown reason I also didn't catch it on its DVD release.

127 Hours: Danny Boyle's Perfect Harrowing Feel-Good Film

As 127 Hours reached its roaring crescendo I sat in the cinema enveloped by a wave of curious disconnectedness. For the first time Danny Boyle's visual pyrotechnics were not doing anything for me. In fact it felt as if they were actually working against the film.

The Fighter: An Enjoyable Yet Conventional Film

The Fighter is a strong film despite its conventional nature. Packed to the brim with great performances, this is crowd pleasing cinema at its finest but unfortunately the film seems compelled to wallow in cliché moments.

Faster: Lacks The Conviction To Go All The Way

Faster is a tight little revenge vehicle that is a lot better than it should've been but not nearly as good as it could've been. Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock) gives the most Rock-like performance we have seen from him in quite a while.

Monsters: A Brilliant Lo-Fi Gem

Monsters is a truly iconoclastic film, not only a miracle of low-budget ingenuity but also a fascinatingly original fusion of genre and tone. Gareth Edwards' debut film is a calling card to Hollywood showing off an amazing control of film grammar and yelling "Let me show you how it's done!".

Predators: It's 5 O'Clock... Bitch Raping Time!

Predators is a film that merely exists. It is neither good nor bad, it simply 'is'.
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