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The Human Centipede: The Circus Sideshow Of Extreme Cinema

By now I'm sure you have heard about this film called The Human Centipede. It is apparently the sickest film ever made. All the hipsters are talking about it.

When In Rome: From The Creative Minds That Gave You Old Dogs


Love Exposure: A Pop Culture Masterpiece

Love Exposure is gonzo filmmaking at its best. Sion Sono's 4 hour J-Pop opus is magnificently eccentric, jamming enough plot into its 240 minutes that some moments actually feel too brisk. What is Love Exposure about you ask?

Mother: A Brilliant, Unpredictable & Blackly Comic Thriller

Mother cements Bong Joon-ho's reputation as one of the most interesting and capable filmmakers working today. His 4th feature film (after The Host and Memories of Murder) shows such strong control of the medium that its no wonder film critics have been in a chorus of praise since its premiere at Cannes last year.

Steak: The Birth of An Absurdist Cult Icon

Quentin Dupieux (AKA Mr Oizo) is carving quite the niche for himself in the world of absurdist cult filmmaking. His latest film, Rubber, is an absolute sensation.

The Expendables Is What It Is

Watching The Expendables filled me with strange, conflicting emotions. Sylvester Stallone's overstated action opus is profoundly underwhelming while simultaneously being exactly what you would expect it to be.

Salt: The Killjoy Review

Salt is getting some really good reviews. Generally it's being painted as an above-average action thriller. A classy example of the type of thing Hollywood does really well. This is all has to be due to some of the talent behind the camera.

Clash Of The Titans: Why? How? Oh Never Mind...

I was expecting awful yet I only got mediocre. Consider me happily surprised. Clash Of The Titans is not a good film by any means, in fact it is a rather jumbled mess of spectacle and noise that belies the obvious post-production tampering that it went through. Still... It isn't awful. That's my poster quote for this one.

Date Night: A Tolerable Half To A Great Double-Feature

Date Night is an odd melange of ideas that is only intermittently successful despite its leads, Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, trying their absolute best to infuse the film with a sense of authenticity.

The Crazies: The Film I Saw In My Head Was Better

The Crazies is just O.K. It gets a middling pass but it really should've been so much better. I'm not a fan of reviews where the writer talks about what a film should've or could've been. Really you can only talk about what it is, but The Crazies is one of those films where as you are watching it you are making up a much better film in your head.
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