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MIFF2010: World's Greatest Dad

Bobcat Goldthwait has come a long way from his Police Academy days. This is his third feature film as writer/director and he is definitely grown to become an artist to watch. His 2006 film, Sleeping Dogs Lie, was an interesting but incomplete and uneven work that had a glorious idea at its core but was spread too thin.

Inception: Examining the Critical Reception

Recently I said of Christopher Nolan's film, Memento, that it resembled the feeling one gets watching a mathematician solve a complex equation. Nolan's most recent film, Inception, continues that sensation but this time it is like watching that same mathematician having a dream.

Greenberg: Generation X has a mid-life crisis

In Greenberg, Ben Stiller stars as the titular character Roger Greenberg, in Noah Baumbach's (Margot At The Wedding and The Squid and the Whale) most successful film yet. Greenberg arrives in L.A to house-sit his brother's house after recently suffering a nervous breakdown.

Animal Kingdom: A Masterpiece of Creeping Dread

Those who know me are very familiar with my contrary opinions. I often spontaneously dislike things that get lauded simply because I am a very reactionary person. Knowing this, I waited a few weeks to see Animal Kingdom as I was feeling that bubble in my belly which is a signal that contrary Rich is on the way.

44 Inch Chest: Surprisingly Bad Despite A Brilliant Cast

44 Inch Chest really became an ordeal for me to sit through as it went along. This is certainly the thinnest, most redundant film I have seen in quite a long time. Written by Louis Mellis and David Schinto, best known for writing the great Sexy Beast, this film frequently feels undercooked and pointless.

Thirst: A Major Disappointment From A Great Filmmaker

I have sat on this review for quite a while. In fact I rewatched this film recently just to make sure I didn't miss something the first time because it saddens me to say this but Thirst is Chan-wook Park's first real misfire. This is coming from a huge Park fan too.

Away We Go: Charming, Light and Honest

Sam Mendes and Dave Eggars team up to make a charming little film that will either poignantly resonate with you or completely piss you off. Away We Go certainly did the former for me but your own enjoyment of this film will be connected to how well you relate to the central characters.

Hot Tub Time Machine: Messy, Confused And Not Very Funny

I've been trying for some time to think of some witty play on the title of this film to open this review but I have given up. I decided to put as much thought and respect for my audience into this piece of writing as the creators of Hot Tub Time Machine put into their film. Actually scratch that, I'm going to give you something that this film didn't give you.

Youth In Revolt: Rebellion With a Whimper

First things first, Michael Cera is the star of Youth in Revolt. Despite this film trying to subvert his usual shtick it still is a very Michael Cera performance and if you are over him or he irritates you then don't bother with this film. I personally don't mind Cera and find the backlash growing against him kinda weird.
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