Film Review

The Book of Eli: Denzel, Gary, Mila and an Ipod.

I have been thinking for several days now about why I really didn't like The Book of Eli. I guess at it's core I found it poorly paced and way too serious for its own good but in saying that I am being evasive. The religious angles of the film cannot be ignored and they bothered me immensely.

Micmacs: Jeunet returns!

I really wanted to love Micmacs. I really did but for some reason I only liked it. Like a magnificent ball of fairy floss this film just vanished as soon as it was over. Jean-Pierre Jeunet is an odd film maker. He is a master of making amazing 'bits' but this film never becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Old Dogs made me feel funny.

I felt slightly nauseous as the credits began to roll. As I walked away, slightly unsteady on my feet, I was sure something had just happened but what exactly that was is still up for debate. Let's face it, I'm not the target audience for this film.

The Wolf Man: Another Why?

Considering The Wolf Man had one of the most troubled productions of recent years it is rather amazing that the final product is relatively cohesive. It's not very good of course. But its also not terrible. There you go, that's my review. Here is the quote for the DVD cover: It's not terrible.

Shutter Island: Scorsese is back to smash you in the face!!

There is nothing I enjoy more than when brilliant filmmakers take on pulpy unpretentious material. Without a doubt Martin Scorsese is one of the most cinematically literate and educated filmmakers working today. Throughout the nineties his work was incredibly important to me when I was young and developing my own personal knowledge of film.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I love Terry Gilliam. I'll get that out in the open right away. I think he is one of the most iconoclastic, boundary pushing directors working today. He doesn't play by the same rules that govern most filmmakers. Not that he is unaware of those rules but rather he chooses to push them in new and often fascinating directions.
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