MIFF2010 Day 11: German Robbers, Zany Hitmen, Corrupt Politicians and Killer Tyres

The final countdown runs through my head as we enter the final week of MIFF (yes, the song, I’m sorry, it’s out of my control).
One starts to load up their schedule to cram as much in as possible (that goat herding film looks interesting).

MIFF2010 Day 9: The Collapse of Civilisation


MIFF2010 Day 8: Enter The Void Reprograms my Brain

I'll be honest with you guys. I'm a huge fan of Gaspar Noe. I think he is one of the most forward thinking film directors working today and Irreversible is an absolute masterpiece. To say I was merely looking forward to Enter The Void is an understatement. It has been the film I was most anticipating for the last twelve months. So what did I think?

MIFF2010 Day 7: Bleak Noir and WW2 Anime

A short, sharp two film day for me here. The Anti-Israel MIFF controversy seems to be building as a Palestinian film threatens to be withdrawn. More arguments with uninformed protesters outside cinemas ensue. I am loving the members priority queue!!!

MIFF2010 Day 6: Four Lions & Kanikosen

No, you are not imagining things. Yesterday was a day off so there will be no Day 5 entry. I’ve decided to keep it confusing and skip it. MIFF is really kicking into gear for me though. Some sensational films seen and much to look forward to on the horizon. A highlight today, lets take a look...

MIFF2010 Day 4: Korean Maids, Stolen Babies and B Movies

Start of the first week and things are going well. Not too burnt out, had some arguments with protesters, starting to see familar faces and am getting quite photo-sensitive. All in all a pretty good place to be come Day 4.

MIFF2010: World's Greatest Dad

Bobcat Goldthwait has come a long way from his Police Academy days. This is his third feature film as writer/director and he is definitely grown to become an artist to watch. His 2006 film, Sleeping Dogs Lie, was an interesting but incomplete and uneven work that had a glorious idea at its core but was spread too thin.

MIFF2010 Day 3: Spalding Grey, Hillbilly Noir and Japanese Eccentrics

Things are beginning to get hazy but in a pleasant way. Only 4 films today and nothing longer than 100 minutes! Huzzah! Carlos took alot out of me yesterday. First film up was The Red Chapel which was one of my festival highlights so far and I have written about it separately here.

MIFF2010: The Red Chapel and Postmodern Irony

After a run of disappointments, The Red Chapel raised my mood in a multitude of ways. It not only met expectations as one of my most anticipated films of the festival but it also presented a portrait of North Korea that was much more insightful than anticipated.
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