MIFF 2011: El Bulli & You Are Here

11am session on a Sunday morning, EL BULLI. It was always gonna be challenging. Upon running to make the session I realised I could not see this film on an empty stomach. So I ended up eating something that was about as dramatic a contrast as possible from the food shown in the film, a Frankfurt wrapped in a donut. It was disgusting. I love MIFF.

MIFF 2011: LSD Pranksters, Androgynous Children & Me

Whether or not I have had enough sleep at this stage is not really the issue. More pressing is the coherence of what you are about to read. Wish me luck, or should I really be wishing you luck. After all, you are choosing to read this and I greatly appreciate that. You could be doing so much more with your time right now but you are here, reading this.

MIFF 2011: Celebrity Stalking, African Refugees & General Nihilism

MIFF2011 is off and running with a deceptively sunny day. My first day began with getting the time of my opening film wrong and running in 30 minutes late (luckily I had seen it).


A film festival is a marathon, not a sprint. Pacing yourself is the name of the game, especially at a festival like MIFF that has the epic span of 17 days. Don't go crazy the first weekend and see 12 films in two days only to fall into a fluey heap immediately after. Schedule your films carefully.

MIFF 2011: The Launch Report

The countdown has begun. While the MIFF Members launch at the 'lovely' Greater Union cinemas on Tuesday night was a rather perfunctory affair, it still served its function. We got the program. Sure a drink would've been nice, and a social space to enable some excited chats was conspicuously absent, but we still got what we came for.
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