MIFF2013: The Rumsfeld Preview

It's that time of year again!

Sydney Film Festival 2012: At A Glance

So it's film festival time again folks and despite requests from my bank managerto the contrary, I am going up to Sydney again to see what is happening in the world of film. Those that have followed my coverage in the past will notice I'm doing things a little differently this year.

SFF 2011: A Brief Sample Of Delights

A year after launching this website with a trip up to the Sydney Film Festival I am back with a vengeance and tripping up to NSW for a second time. Coming off a totally enjoyable week in 2010 I will be doing much the same this year (hopefully with a few extra days this time). Running the streets of Sydney from film to film, yelling at people and generally making a nuisance of myself.

Melbourne International Film Festival 2010: The Preview, Part 2

Hey, you're back! Good on you! Soldiering through I see. Buried amongst my ranting there is some valuable information I'm sure. Welcome to the second part of my MIFF preview. Didn't expect it to get so long-winded but we have a lot to talk about. My main concern today will be looking at the documentary selections. Like yesterday I will move from films I am anticipating to films I have already seen. Let's get into it shall we...

Melbourne International Film Festival 2010: The Preview, Part 1

Can you feel it in the air? That whiff of desperation as a malnourished film junkie runs past you in the city on their way to their next fix. Balancing a caffeine hit with some junk food and only one thing on their mind, what's up next? After my brief week long sojourn at the Sydney Film Festival last month, the business end of festival season is upon me.
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