Rich Haridy

The Parallax Podcast 17 (12/10/12)

Welcome to one of our most argumentative PARALLAX PODCASTs yet featuring Luke "You know what you're gonna get" Buckmaster, Rich "No, no, no" Haridy, and Zak "Pass out in a glass of Campari" Hepburn.
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The Parallax Podcast 15 (14/09/12)

We've unearthed yet another PARALLAX PODCAST shooting into your earbuds featuring Luke "I'm hungry" Buckmaster, Rich "I agree with all your criticisms" Haridy and Zak "This is my polite face" Hepburn.
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The Parallax Podcast 14 (31/08/12)

Has writer/director Wes Anderson — the celebrated king of cinematic quirk — gone too quirky? Is he becoming a parody of himself?
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The Parallax Podcast 9 (22/06/12)

We all knew the prior episode's love-fest couldn't last and with that I introduce our latest PARALLAX PODCAST, a movie debate show featuring Luke "get the quirk outta here" Buckmaster, Zak "spoken word rendition" Hepburn and Rich "my favorite word is repugnant" Haridy.
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The Parallax Podcast 7 (25/05/12)

I'm proud to introduce episode 7 of The Parallax Podcast, a movie debate show featuring the dapper Luke Buckmaster, the disturbing Zak Hepburn and Rich Haridy (aka: 'that guy').
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