SFF 2011: Kill List

Ben Wheatley's second film after the solid Down Terrace last year is an amazing step up in every respect. Kill List is a painfully tense and stunningly well structured genre piece that signals Wheatley as a filmmaker to watch over the coming years.

SFF 2011: Septien & Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Seems like there are some slight issues with sessions starting on time so far this year which is strange as the program looked well timed from a distance with good breaks between films. Oh well, that's the way it goes. P.S: Tried supposedly one of the best cafes in Sydney's CBD (Workshop) and received an literally undrinkable coffee. Bitter, burnt and generally sickening, I was not pleased. Would've returned it in a flash if I wasn't running to a session. Did I mention I was from Melbourne?

SFF 2011: Sleeping Beauty - A Devastating Achievement

“In the mad rush of getting critical responses filed (or tweeted) before the 4th or 5th screening of the day begins, critics and commentators make snap judgments read by millions around the world, long before anyone else has a chance to even see the film, let alone formulate a counter-opinion.”

SFF 2011 Day 1: Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Hello Sydney. My you are a bit chilly aren't you.

SFF 2011: A Brief Sample Of Delights

A year after launching this website with a trip up to the Sydney Film Festival I am back with a vengeance and tripping up to NSW for a second time. Coming off a totally enjoyable week in 2010 I will be doing much the same this year (hopefully with a few extra days this time). Running the streets of Sydney from film to film, yelling at people and generally making a nuisance of myself.
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