SFF 2012: Gangs Of Wasseypur

The word 'epic' gets thrown around a lot in these hyperbolic times but there really is no better word to express the scope and ambition of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR - a 5 and a half hour, Indian gangster film that spans 70 years and follows one crime family through 3 generations.

Sydney Film Festival 2012: Day 4

Day 4 of my Sydney Film Festival experience finally kicked things up into epic territory with HOLY MOTORS and KILLER JOE but let’s start at the beginning shall we.

Sydney Film Festival 2012: Day 3

Attention all atheists! God is now using QR codes. And you thought religion was outdated. Still waiting for the confession app. Sort your rig out Christianity!
Today was reasonably low-key. Two films were viewed and I have a review of a third that also screened just for good measure.

Sydney Film Festival 2012: Day 2

Today I witnessed something that I had only ever heard stories about. One of those things you may hear occasionally happen but think it must be an urban myth for it could never actually occur in reality. No one could be that oblivious of their fellow man. And not at a film festival.

Sydney Film Festival 2012: Day 1

Did you know that you can get a plane ticket Sms’d to you nowadays? You did… Oh… Well it impressed me so go to hell!

Sydney Film Festival 2012: At A Glance

So it's film festival time again folks and despite requests from my bank managerto the contrary, I am going up to Sydney again to see what is happening in the world of film. Those that have followed my coverage in the past will notice I'm doing things a little differently this year.
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