Sydney Film Festival 2010

SFF 2010: Exit Through the Gift Shop is a glorious mystery.

Exit through the Gift Shop is some kind of post-modern masterpiece. This is a magnificently entertaining, informative film filled with half-truths and practical jokes. The bulk of this review will be discussing aspects of the film that could be considered spoilers so you may want to come back and read this after you have seen the film. It won't really spoil anything so do read on if you want but I will be looking at moments in the film that happen late in the game so if you do want to see it untarnished then I will simply say to you, go see it!

SFF 2010, Day 6: Bees, Space and War.

On the second last day of my festival I had another documentary marathon. 4 in a row and strangely enough I was excited. Documentaries are turning out to be major highlights of this festival and one I saw today turned out to be close to the best thing I have seen at this festival. I will be posting a separate review of Exit Through the Gift Shop as there is much to be said about it. Lets have a look at the other 3 I saw then shall we...

SFF 2010, Day 5: Boy + Just Like Us = An Uplifting Day!

Suffering a bad case of burn out I only caught two films on Sunday. Had three scheduled but sleep and writing took precedence. The two I did catch were fantastic though and they brewed a big second wind to take me into my final stretch. Here are some more sentences written in English for your convenience...

Rich on Radio - SFF 2010

Here is a small segment I just did for Room With a View on Triple RRR in Melbourne.

SFF 2010, Day 4: Mugabe, bad art, prison riots and a bloody drill!

Great day at the festival today. It felt much more solid than the fail of yesterday. The lack of sleep is starting to take hold though. Not hallucinating yet... yet being the operative word here. So what did I see? What should you see? Here are some words to read...

SFF 2010, Day 3: Ups, Downs and Walkouts.

What a day! Running around from venue to venue in the pouring rain. Significant disappointments resulting in one of my friends leaving 2 separate films before they finished! Definitely a classic day of film festival viewing for sure. This one is gonna be interesting, lets get down to brass tacks shall we...

SFF 2010, Day 2: 2 Lands, an Oath and Bill Paxton

And so we begin the serious task of marathon film festival viewing. Running around Sydney in the rain, eating whatever one can and keeping the engine going with coffee. This is business time folks...

SFF 2010, Day 1: Estonia brilliantly confuses while Korea plods.

This is my first time in Sydney in over 10 years. I'm completely biased to Melbourne, born and bred. I did find a good coffee upon arrival so you are doing OK so far Sydney. I've got my eye on you though. Our group briskly checked into the hotel where I discovered our booking was under the name Thompson. Is this an omen signalling the shape of things to come or just some pointless, completely explainable distraction? We'll find out soon enough. Two films tonight were on the cards. Let get into it shall we...

Sydney Film Festival 2010: Preview

In a rather auspicious and exciting decision, “Rich On Film” has decided to head up to the Sydney Film Festival this year. I am very excited to check this out as being a born and bred Melbournian I have a strong fondness for MIFF down here.
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