The Best TV of 2015

2015 was an epic year for broadcast mediums. Australia finally got our turn with streaming services as Netflix arrived on our shores. We saw the final seasons of some pretty big TV heavy-hitters and we saw the first seasons of some new and ground-breaking shows.

2014: The Year In Television

2014 was a landmark year for television.
The so called “golden age” of television is over and we entered a new phase. The age of the showrunner as God and the 'troubled man' anti-hero narrative was over while a new phase focusing on aesthetic, mood and the director was birthed with shows like True Detective and The Knick.

Televisions New Problem With Endings

The new wave of anthology serials – True Detective, Fargo, American Horror Story – has presented television writers with a problem they have never truly had to face. The problem of endings.

Why I Am Still Watching The Walking Dead

This article contains massive spoilers for Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD.
Read on at your own peril.
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